Rails & Ties poster

After acting in little-known films and showing off her everything in a Playboy spread, I had no idea Alison Eastwood's (Clint's daughter) next move was to direct a mature drama. But here it is, RAILS & TIES, a film by Alison Eastwood. We've got a look at the film's poster BELOW. It received a good reaction at the Toronto Film Festival, and is about a train that crashes into the car of a woman who parked it on the tracks to commit suicide. The train's conductor (Kevin Bacon) then befriends the woman's son. Doesn't this sound like an alternate take on MONSTER'S BALL? Hopefully we'll be blessed with a full frontal Bacon sex scene. That would be tops.

It'll be interesting to see where young Alison's (she's 35) career goes from here. Her acting career has kind of failed to take off, so maybe she belongs behind the camera. Her mother was a swimsuit model after all, and Alison has had success in that department, so maybe she got the looks from mommy and the directing skills from father, who's a producer on this one. That's not a bad deal at all.

Extra Tidbit: Alison was a rebellious teenager and has been pulled over for drunk driving.
Source: impawards.com



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