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Rain Man RIP


I thought it prudent to take a moment to recognize not an actor, but a real person who inspired a classic film. Kim Peek, the man who was the real-life basis for RAIN MAN, passed away this weekend from a heart attack at the age of 58. The role won Dustin Hoffman an Oscar, and he thanked Peek in his acceptance speech, as writer Barry Morrow’s meeting with Peek was the catalyst for his script for RAIN MAN.

Peek possessed expertise in about 15 different subjects including history, sports, geography and literature, but unfortunately lacked motor skills to the point where he couldn’t perform basic tasks like dressing himself.

Below I’ve posted part one of a fascinating documentary about the life of Peek, which if you have some time, I highly recommend you watch all the way through.

Extra Tidbit: Do you remember how many toothpicks there were off the top of your head?
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