RDJ sees Harvey?

     Tony "Rainbow" Stark

Speculations from people who care and those who don't alike had Tom Hanks collaborating once more with Spielberg for the director's upcoming HARVEY remake. But both guys shot that idea down, feeling the casting would be a little too on the nose. Who then shall see a giant bunny, other than Jake Gyllenhaal?

While dropping a few good words recently about Robert Redford's Lincoln movie, Spielberg apparently let it slipped that he'd like Robert Downey jr to play Elwood P. Dowd.

Downey would be an obvious and perfect choice for that part, and would probably make lots of naysayers reconsider the idea of a Harvey remake. BUT,  he already nailed the part of a guy with invisible friends, 4 of 'em, in HEART AND SOULS. Plus I'd much rather see RDJ stay with his current slate of blockbusters and then go back to making a few indies or smaller movies for a while.

Extra Tidbit: Here's my suggestion: Alan Tudyk. That guy deserves to finally hit it big. any other ideas?
Source: Slash Film



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