Res. Evil 4 details

RESIDENT EVIL is officially a trilogy no more -- a fourth movie in the pipe, with original director Paul W.S. Anderson back for more post-apocalyptic zombie mayhem.

Series star Milla Jovovich will return (several times, if the end of EXTINCTION is any indication) for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE, along with bod-rockin' Ali Larter as Claire, while "Prison Break" fugitive Wentworth Miller will play her brother Chris Redfield.

Also returning is Spencer Locke as "K-Mart", who I don't really recall from the last movie but I presume she survived. Shawn Roberts (I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER) steps in as the new Wesker, while Boris Kodjoe (SURROGATES, STARSHIP TROOPERS 3) and "Hey it's that guy" actor Kim Coates are also involved in the undead assault.

The film will be shot in chic 3-D, and while no story particulars were revealed, Anderson says: "Alice's battle with The Umbrella Corporation isn't finished. Last time we saw Alice, she let them know she was coming after them. It’s time to settle the score." Multiple Alices, multiple dimensions!

Extra Tidbit: I forget -- which one was the "master of unlocking"?
Source: JoBlo



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