Rodriguez directs Lost?

Robert Rodriguez isn't heading to the mysterious Other-infested island of "Lost" but depending on what project he chooses, he could be headed way into the future or back in time. Rodriguez is deciding on his next project, which could either be THE JETSONS or LAND OF THE LOST. Rodriguez has talked with execs from Warner Bros. and Universal about the respective projects. So far no talent is attached to JETSONS but Will Ferrell is producing and would star in the LOST movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, THE JETSONS has the inside track because the script by Adam Goldberg (FANBOYS) is further along that the LOST script, which would need further development. It'd certainly be an interesting segue to go from the shlock horror of GRINDHOUSE to remaking one of two popular kids series but that's why Rodriguez has become such a fine director. He can do FROM DUSK TILL DAWN or SPY KIDS. It's unclear what this means for SIN CITY 2 but considering both of these projects are still some time away, it probably means nothing.

Extra Tidbit: Steve Martin was at one time attached to star in THE JETSONS for his BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE director Adam Shankman.



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