Rourke not Dynamo?

Mickey Rourke When news broke that clay-faced, tough guy Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke would be starring in the upcoming IRON MAN 2, most people thought he would be playing baddie Crimson Dynamo. However, the folks over at "Splash Page" recently had a chat with Mr. Iron Man himself Robert Downey Jr. while he was on set of the Guy Ritchie directed SHERLOCK HOLMES and asked him about Rourke's character. Turns out, he's not playing Crimson Dynamo. When asked about it, Downey replied, "That’s actually incorrect." So who's the big guy playing? Downey's playing coy on that one but he did say that things get a lot bigger and a lot weirder in the sequel. That's right, weirder. And not just typical genius playboy billionaire eccentric like asking everybody to sit on the floor during a press conference. But real out there shit. Check out the interview over HERE. IRON MAN 2 will start filming later this year for a May 7th, 2010 release.

Extra Tidbit: Rourke was a professional boxer from 1991 to 1995.
Source: Splash Page



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