Rush Hour 3 teaser

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are invading France and taking over by subduing the French with tone-deaf renditions of "Lady Marmalade". At least that's what the teaser for RUSH HOUR 3 leads us to believe. And from the looks of things, they're at least understanding some of the words that are coming out of each other's mouths. But don't worry, there's sure to be plenty of miscommunication-based hijinks. And in between Chan battling fifteen bad guys at the same time while Tucker gets a facial, plenty of shit will undoubtedly blow up. Check out the teaser in quicktime over at Kino-Govno by clicking on either Chan or Tucker below or if you'd prefer to see it right away, long-time schmoe ElderPredator found it on YouTube. It opens August 10th.

Rush Hour 3

Extra Tidbit: The plot, which has been kept under wraps so far, revolves around (spoilerphobes beware!) the assassination of the Chinese Ambassador before the World Criminal Court Summit in LA, the trail of which leads to Chinese Triads in France.
Source: Kino-GovnoYouTube



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