Ryan and Eva meet Franklyn

Man, these first time writer/director types always attract a wave of envy from me. A man named Gerald McMorrow has written the script to a futuristic thriller called FRANKLYN, and he's directing it too. What a lucky chap. I bet I applied myself even a fraction more than I do now, I can achieve something like that, right? Right?!?! Anyway, FRANKLYN stars Ryan Phillipe (BREACH) and on a hugely positive note, the unbelievably beautiful Eva Green (CASINO ROYALE). The plot's a little confusing, so follow along now. The film takes place in parallel Londons, one present-day, and another in the near future, where the division of church and state has been erased. It will follow "four lost souls divided by two parallel worlds on course for an explosive collision when a single bullet will decide all their fates." That's one magic bullet.

The film co-stars Sam Riley, who is getting raves for his performance as Joy Division lead singer Ian Curtis in the film CONTROL. It was initially supposed to star Ewan McGregor in Phillipe's role and Paul Bettany in Riley's. Whether or not you guys think that's a step down, you gotta give Phillipe some credit for extracting himself from the role of teen idol. Either way, the film has Eva Green so let's just shut up right here.

Extra Tidbit: Eva Green considers herself nerdy. With those gazungwats, who gives a shit.
Source: Variety



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