Seann William Scott returning for Kevin Smith's next

I was at the COP OUT press day yesterday and scheduled to talk to Seann William Scott and director Kevin Smith. On my list of questions was whether these guys would reteam, possibly for Smith's upcoming hockey movie HIT SOMEBODY. But Scott got sick and went home early and Smith left to go watch the USA vs. Canada Olympic hockey game so I wound up talking to neither (though I did get to talk to Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, which will be up on the site soon).

Before he left though, Smith talked to NHL.com and revealed that, indeed, he's planning to reteam with Scott for HIT SOMEBODY. "Seann, for me, was the key into the character...After spending all the time with Seann on this movie, he's pitch perfect. He is that guy." Scott would star in the film as a hockey enforcer who's desperate to just score one goal in a game.

For his part, Scott said, "I didn't grow up playing hockey which is good because the character is not supposed to be a great player, he's a great fighter." Smith based the script on a song by Warren Zevon, which had lyrics by sportswriter Mitch Albom. No word yet on when the film might begin production but with a star attached, it could be sooner rather than later.

Extra Tidbit: Before our interview, Willis said he's a big fan of JoBlo.com. Awesome.
Source: NHL.com



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