Sheen on Wall Street

A sequel to WALL STREET without Gordon Gekko would've been pointless, but fortunately Michael Douglas is back in WALL STREET 2: MONEY NEVER SLEEPS as the oily broker with the fondness for suspenders and hostile takeovers.

But what of his protege turned betrayer Bud Fox?

While Shia LaBeouf steps in this time as the young idealistic trader flirting with the dark side of finance, according to the NY Times, original hotshot Charlie Sheen will also return in some capacity for director Oliver Stone. Because life all comes down to a few moments. And this is one of them.

The article also confirms Stone's W. star Josh Brolin as the new villain, the dishonorable head of an investment bank. The movie also features Carey Mulligan, Frank Langella and Susan Sarandon.

Stone doesn't mess around -- the movie just started filming this week and is due next April, in hopes of beating the next economic devastation.

Extra Tidbit: I'm still holding out hope for a John C. McGinley appearance. Where are you, Marv?
Source: NY Times



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