Sister's Keeper ending

I expect less than five percent of you will give a shit about this story. But I expect more than ninety five percent of you will be interested in a hot picture of Cameron Diaz. Ergo:

The ending of the upcoming movie MY SISTER'S KEEPER has controversially been changed from the original one in the novel. The book's author, Jodi Picoult tells USA Today:

"Having the ending changed would certainly not have been my choice. I wrote the ending very intentionally because I wanted to leave the reader with a certain message. And changing that ending changes that message. However, I am excited to see the movie and to judge it on its strengths."

Nick Cassavetes directs the movie about a young teen, who after learning the shocking truth about her inception, looks to be emancipated from her parents. In the picture BELOW, Cameron Diaz plays Cameron Diaz back when she was goofy and hot.

Extra Tidbit: Dakota Fanning was reportedly in line to star in this movie but bowed out as she didn't want to shave her head. She's method, that chick.
Source: Filmstalker



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