Smith off to space

Kevin Smith's latest film, ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO, hasn't hit theaters yet and his next film, RED STATE, hasn't even begun filming yet but he's already looking forward to his next next film. Smith is mobilizing a sci-fi action/comedy with a $50 million budget that he would produce with longtime partner Scott Mosier. After making his first non-Weinstein film since MALLRATS on RED STATE, Smith is expected to return to the Weinstein Co. who have read the first draft of the script and are interested in making the movie. Smith wouldn't talk much about the film other than to say it would "reference other sci-fi movies" and would "explore a father and son" relationship. The $50 million budget for this film would double his ZACK AND MIRI budget, which came in at $25 million. Smith has made it clear in the past that this project is NOT the long-rumored RANGER DANGER AND THE DANGER RANGERS, which seems to be on the backburner. Smith is looking to start filming this spring on the indie thriller RED STATE. ZACK AND MIRI hits theaters on October 31st.

Extra Tidbit: I am in no way indicating that Kevin Smith is a chimp...
Source: THR



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