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Snipes to serve time

I canít believe Weseley Snipes is going to prison for three years. For those who havenít heard, itís true. The former A-lister has been given the maximum jail sentence for the three misdemeanor charges he was convicted of in February. The funny thing is, the media portrayed that as a victory for Snipes, since he was acquitted felony charges. And sadly in the end, that could have been what did Snipes in. Because this was such a public case, prosecutors, and eventually the judge, wanted to make an example out of Snipes, but showing the American public that you canít just shit on your tax-paying duties.

A 35-page government document read that ď'The troubling implication of such coverage for the millions of average citizens who are aware of this case is that the rich and famous Wesley Snipes has 'gotten away with it.' In the end, the criminal conduct of Snipes must not be seen in such a light.'' The fact is, itís true. But still, prison is going to be especially hard for Snipes, considering the lifestyle heís accustomed to. Hopefully the other inmates will have seen RISING SUN or PASSENGER 57 or NEW JACK CITY so theyíll know not to f*ck with him. Good luck Wes, you used to be my favourite actor.

Extra Tidbit: Woody Harrelson and Denzel Washington both wrote letters to the judge, as a testament to Snipes' character.
Source: CNN



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