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Since the conclusion of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT’s almost mythical run, its breakout star Will Arnett has yet to star in a film that showcases his terrifyingly real talent. Granted, he stole his scenes in BLADES OF GLORY and RV (not that I saw it, but I read things) but it’s what we already expect of him. But after his star turn in the disappointing LET’S GO TO PRISON (again, I didn’t see it, but I read things) he needs a starring vehicle that will solidify him as Hollywood’s next comedic powerhouse. Judging from the new trailer of his upcoming THE BROTHERS SOLOMON, that vehicle might have arrived.

The film is about the Solomon bros., two socially inept fellows who, judging from the trailer, are teetering on the edge of sociopathy, and their quest to grant their dying father’s wish for a grandson. It almost sounds like a mash-up of two Judd Apatow films, THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN and the upcoming KNOCKED UP. Directed by Bob Odenkirk (who also did PRISON) and costarring SNL’s Will Forte as the second Solomon, and Office co-workers Jenna Fischer and David Koechner, we’re looking at a solid pedigree and a good chance for some edgy, R-rated comedy. Check out Will’s best chance at movie stardom HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Will Arnett did the voiceover for Edgar Wright's fake trailer for DON'T during GRINDHOUSE, this year's surprise hit.
Source: Cinematical



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