Speed 3 on the way?

Dennis Hopper In a recent profile of "Entourage" guest star and apparent soccer aficionado Dennis Hopper in The Guardian Unlimited, Hopper reveals that he's signed on to a SPEED 3. Say whaaa? The article puts it as such: "He certainly isn't in the mood to discuss any of the half a dozen films he is due to appear in this year, a roster which is due to include a performance in Speed 3, even though I have plenty of questions about that…" And when asked about the fact that there could be a problem with his character being a little decapitated in the original SPEED, he says: "It's a river of shit…from which I have tried to extract some gold." Hey, he's honest enough to admit he's in a river of shit but if somebody throws a barrel or eight of money at him, he's gonna try to extract some gold. Read the rest of the profile in which he discusses his various drug addictions and his penchant for Asian hookers (not actually mentioned but that doesn't mean it's not true) over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: In the article Hopper reveals that he considers himself more an artist (as in painter/photographer) than an actor.



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