Speed Racer video

Normally I wouldn’t give ET host and home-wrecker Mark Steines the time of day, and as much as it kills me to put his wife-stealing mug on this site, the man introduces an Entertainment Tonight SPEED RACER exclusive that gives us our first look at Matthew Fox as Racer X, and even Emile Hirsch as the titular fast car driver. Fox gives us a glance at some cars used in the film, and while a lot of actors feign excitement about the movies they’re in for promotional purposes, Fox genuinely does seem excited about this. Everyone who’s seen footage from this film has completely been blown away, and the last time the Wachowskis made a movie, they brought us a little something called ‘bullet time.’ Oh, and Mark Steines didn’t really steal my wife. I’m 25 years old and I have to ask my dad for the car if I want to go anywhere. Check SPEED RACER out on May 9.

Extra Tidbit: The Wachowskis have developed cameras that shoot everything in focus simultaneously, giving the film the look of a live cartoon.
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