Spidey vs. vampires?

Ever since we heard that Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire would be back for another SPIDER-MAN (or two), the biggest question has been: will they please re-cast Mary Jane? Oh, the other biggest question: who will be the villain(s)?

The most common theory has been the Lizard (finally), but potentially with another old comic book foe... like Morbius, the Living Vampire, whose origin is tied in with Lizard's and whom Raimi has even mentioned in the past. And since he's currently out promoting DRAG ME TO HELL, expect him to be deluged with questions about it.

FearNET (via CHUD) was one of the first to ask Raimi about Morbius directly, and his response is coy before he discusses what he appreciates about vampires in general -- see and hear his reaction for yourself. And since it's all we have to go on until an official announcement (or some solid inside intel), this type of non-confirmation and speculation will have to suffice.

Extra Tidbit: In the comics, Morbius was a doctor who inadvertently afflicted himself with his condition while trying to treat a fatal blood disease. Seems like the kind of tragic villain Raimi gravitates to, doesn't it?
Source: CHUD



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