Stallone soliciting Expendables 2 ideas from Twitter

Well now that THE EXPENDABLES is officially a hit, Sylvester Stallone is on cloud nine trying to plan the sequel.

He's taken to Twitter to start brainstorming, and said after a dinner with Bruce Willis, was thinking about making him the supervillain of the next film, meaning possibly the Expendables get betrayed by the government A-Team style if "Church" really did work for the CIA?

He's also soliciting ideas as to where the film should take place, asking where the "most dangerous places in the world" are. Fans have responded with North Korea, South Africa and Thailand, but he was most enthused about Harry Knowles's (of AICN) suggestions of Iran, Afghanistan or Milan.

He was less excited about the suggestion to (spoilers) bring Stone Cold Steve Austin back to life as Willis's twin bald brother, and idea both fans and Willis himself apparently had. His response: "Damn, do I have to battle that monster again!!!!!!!????"

Feel free to send him your own ideas, including a potential cast list, which I'm sure he's also working on. But never forget these immortal words of wisdom, last tweeted by Stallone himself, "the hardest part of making action films is attempting to inject heart and soul.. bullets are easy , emotions are hard. LIKE LIFE ITSELF."

Like life itself, true words were never spoken Sly.

Extra Tidbit: This two minute cameo was the best thing Willis has done in years. I'd fully love for him to actually be the main villain of the sequel.
Source: Twitter



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