Steve Carell needs to get a Wife for new comedy

In my opinion, Steve Carell is at his best when he's at his most absurd. It works well with Michael Scott, worked with DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS and paid off in spades for ANCHORMAN. Other films like DAN IN REAL LIFE or DATE NIGHT just never worked for me. So a Steve Carell romantic comedy doesn't exactly instill me with a lot of confidence. But Carell is set to produce and star in A BOYFRIEND FOR MY WIFE, a romantic comedy from the writers of SNOW DOGS.

In the film, Carell would star as a guy who wants out of a marriage to an overbearing woman. Too timid to do anything about it, he hires a legendary Lothario to woo his wife so she'll fall in love and want a divorce. The film is based off the Argentinian film UN NOVIO PARA MI MUJER, which was that country's biggest hit of that year.

While it may seem like Carell has a lot of projects in the works, remember that he's leaving "The Office" at the end of this season and will have much more time to work on films. He's got CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE set for release later this year and is attached to no less than eight other films.

Extra Tidbit: Oh Brick. My sweet Brick.
Source: Variety



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