Stewart voices TMNT

Sooo apparently Shredder isn't the bad guy in the upcoming NINJA TURTLES movie? I'm not sure I dig that choice, but I do dig this choice - bringing in Patrick Stewart to voice the new villain. He has, according to SuperheroHype, signed on to voice the new baddie Max Winters. Hmmm, that name doesn't quite have the ring to it that Shredder does but OK. Winters "goes mad after he was wrongfully fired and begins amassing an army of ancient monsters" and it's up to the TMNT to stop them. So if Shredder is dead in this film, why not bring in Krang or one of the other weirdo villains from the cartoon? I guess it would be hard to make a living, talking brain look realistic. So far this is the first bit of major voice casting for the film though it has been confirmed that Corey Feldman won't be returning and I think we can all be thankful for that. TMNT hits theaters next March.

Source: Superhero Hype



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