Stiles rings the Bell

I've been more than a little disappointed that the career of Julia Stiles never quite took off. I always thought she was one of the more talented actresses of her generation and not exactly tough on the eyes either. She was one of the first actors I ever interviewed here at JoBlo.com (in fact it's so old I can't even find it on the site anymore...) and I remember how nervous I was and how naturally she put me at ease. Then we made hot love. Oh, no wait. I might have made that up. Anyway, Stiles is back on the scene and ready to star in an upcoming feature adaptation of Sylvia Plath's THE BELL JAR. Now I will say that I have painful memories of "The Bell Jar" from high school English; a book so bad I wnted to put MY head in an oven. But at least it's a return for Stiles who I'm pulling for. Stiles, if you just can't stomach the thought of watching a BELL JAR movie, can be seen this summer reprising her role in THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM. Filming on BELL is expected to begin early next year.

Extra Tidbit: Stiles said in 2005, "I'd never be in Playboy or anything close to that...not that anyone would ask." Damn.
Source: Variety



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