Subway of the Lost!

To help celebrate the release of LAND OF THE LOST, Universal teamed up with SUBWAY to makeover one of their restaurants in Santa Monica into a virtual land of the lost. From prehistoric vines and rocks draping the store to Sleestak and a T. rex on the roof, the restaurant will be fully transformed. Mmm. Sleestaks, lunch meat...sure, that totally makes sense.

Jenna meets Jared Fogle!

Jenna attacked by Sleestaks

I went to check it out and was able to drag LAND OF THE LOST directer Brad Silberling away from his $5 Foot Long to chat about the film. Silberling spilled a few details on the famous Sleestak sex scene (eew) and the tube of KY Jelly it took to get the poor actors into the costumes. As if they weren't creepy enough!

Director Brad Silberling

"Land of the Lost" creators Sid and Marty Krofft

You can also watch our chat with Sid and Marty Krofft, famous to seventies kids and college stoners alike as the creators of LAND OF THE LOST. We talked about the film, they distracted me with the enterance of the lizardy bad guys and Sid explained that H.R. PUFNSTUFF (which is going to be a film) had nothing to do with pot...suuure.

LAND OF THE LOST hits theaters tomorrow!

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