Swank Chasing Oscar

Hillary Swank has an addiction. Hers is not the kind that will make you tell your best friend that you and your dad don't get along, nor is it the kind that will make you chew your own face off (wait, aren't those two the same ones?). Hers is of the statue variety, particularly the statue handed to you by an academy, in the winter, by someone in a suit or a dress. That's right. Hilary Swank is addicted to Oscars.

The girl already has two, and with her Amelia Earhart biopic set for release in 2009, she may well be on her way to a third. And if that one doesn't pan out, Miss Swank has just signed on to star in Tony Goldwyn's BETTY ANNE WATERS, about a single mother who worked her way through law school in order to free her brother, who was wrongfully convicted of murder. Now if that doesn't sound like Oscar bait, then I will step aside. But if you all agree with me that Hilary is actively pursuing Academy Awards, then stand with me, and let's have an intervention. It is our duty to convince Hilary to do a fart comedy or an Elektra remake. I hate watching her throw her life away.
Extra Tidbit: Is it just me or does Swank rhyme with skank?
Source: Variety



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