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The Aussies do their own Red Dawn in the new trailer for Tomorrow, When the War Began


The release of the RED DAWN remake may currently be in limbo, but the Australians have gone ahead with their own (shamelessly derivative?) version.

Well, TOMMORROW WHEN THE WAR BEGAN may not be an official remake of the gung-ho 80s patriotism fave, but the similarities are pretty undeniable: it's about a group of attractive teens who grab some ordnance and go guerrilla against the foreign army invading their country, complete with slo-mo, fireballs and hero poses.

The movie is based on a series of bestselling books by John Marsden, and is the directing debut of Hollywood screenwriter Stuart Beattie (COLLATERAL, G.I. JOE). Until the real RED DAWN remake situation gets resolved, it'll do.

Extra Tidbit: While the RED DAWN remake has China and Russia assaulting the US, the invading forces in the TOMORROW books are never specified. Maybe it's Unobtainia.
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