The JoBlo videos!!!

It's not the most exciting or "best looking" VIDEOS sections that you're gonna see on a website, but at least we've officially launched our new JOBLO.COM VIDEOS SECTION today, and for that, a drink for all my friends!! (...who are in my immediate vicinity) As I'm sure you've noticed, we've been adding more and more VIDEO-related content to our sites over the past year or so, including trailers, clips and shit, but moreso, exclusive 1:1 interviews with the top stars of the day, as well as exclusive access to some cool behind the scenes stuff from places like the San Diego Comic Convention all the way to the Cannes Film Festival in the South of France.

Now you've got a place to watch all of our videos (and yes, that includes our daily HOTTIE CLIP OF THE DAY clips from Moviehotties.com and horror-related gore from ArrowintheHead.com), as well as to link to, or embed into your own web page. We're also gonna be launching a cool l'il online JOBLO TV SHOW at some point in the future (vague enough for you?) and hopefully present you with more and more cool exclusive video movie coolness, only on JoBlo.com! :)

And with this VIDEO section launch party started, we decided to put together a montage of some cool-ass video shtick we've recorded over the past couple of years, and which you can check out below! Oh, almost forgot to mention: you can also VOTE on all of our videos, as well as COMMENT on them via our STRIKE BACK section (which will be running in there later this week). Enjoy and yeah, sue me...I was a HUGE fan of Motley Crue back in the 80s. F*ck off!!

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