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I'm not quite sure what to make of this series of fan-made videos titled "The Joker Blogs." The premise is decidedly cool, with the "tapes" you're viewing being the leaked sessions of interviews between Dr. Harleen Quinzel and the Joker during his stay in Arkham Asylum, which begins shortly after the end of THE DARK KNIGHT.

The writing in the videos I’ve watched has been pretty decent, and it reminded me a bit of something you might find in the “Arkham Asylum” video game. The lead actor’s Joker is obviously trying to capture the spirit of Heath Ledger, and though he does a better version than most fans I’ve seen (the makeup is great, and his body language and mannerisms are dead-on), his voice occasionally veers into Christopher Walken and Hannibal Lecter territory.

In any case, even a passing resemblance to Ledger’s Joker makes you sad all over again that we’ll never see the character onscreen again. I’ve embedded the first “session” below and I suggest you head over to TheJokerBlogs’ YouTube page if you want more. If you don't like the first one, I recommend pushing through. They start to get more interesting around the third installment.

Update: I just finished the whole series thus far, and despite you naysayers, I actually think that this was very well done overall. You get used to the voice after a few episodes. 

Extra Tidbit: I think I land on the side of "cool." If only the voice was a *touch* closer.
Source: MTVTheJokerBlogs



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