The Uma Thurman movie so bad it made 130 dollars

There's an article over at The Guardian right now which details the tragic and rather interesting story behind how a movie managed to make £88 its opening weekend in England, setting the all-time record for the lowest grossing film in the country's history. I figured it was going to be something I’d never heard of that was never released in the States, but when I heard it was actually an Uma Thurman film, I was pretty shocked.

The movie was MOTHERHOOD. If you frequent the site, we’ve mentioned it in passing once or twice, and I do remember hearing news about it, but it sounded like it was a long ways off. It turns out that wasn’t the case, and it was released last October (seriously?)in America without what you would call…fanfare. Hence why it made $40,000 in the US.

So how the hell did it tank to an even greater degree across the Atlantic?

"Over its opening weekend, no more than a dozen people went to see Motherhood, a semi-autobiographical account of stressed-out Manhattan parenting written and directed by Katherine Dieckmann. The film made just £88 on the weekend of Friday 5 March. On its debut Sunday, box office takings were £9, meaning one person bought a ticket.

The disaster has now degenerated into a bitter confrontation between Metrodrome, responsible for marketing the film in the UK, and producer Jana Edelbaum, who blames the company for Motherhood's atrocious performance."

The movie was panned by critics, but horrible movies make money all the time (hence why THE BOUNTY HUNTER has made $38M to date), so this was a marketing failure so epic, it is likely to be the stuff of legend someday.

Read the full tragic tale over at The Guardian here. Thanks to you guys on the forums for finding this.

Extra Tidbit: Doesn't Uma Thurman look like Sarah Palin here?
Source: The Guardian



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