Tim Burton goes back to adapting Mai the Psychic Girl?

While countless projects enter Hollywood only to be forever condemned to Development Hell, a few swirl around the River Styx long enough to eventually rise to the surface and escape into production.

For example, Latino Review says that Tim Burton has dug up his long-intended adaptation of MAI THE PSYCHIC GIRL, a violent manga by Kazuya Kudo and Ryoichi Ikegami. Burton has been pursuing and developing the property for ages, and even had an eye on Winona Ryder to star back in the 90s.

In the story, Mai is a young girl with amazing telekinetic talents who is hunted by separate factions seeking to control her abilities, as well as dangerous competitors with similar powers.

Latino Review claims that Burton "is supervising the screenplay and has put this on the front burner", although he already seems to have a loaded plate with THE ADDAMS FAMILY, DARK SHADOWS and the SLEEPING BEAUTY spinoff MALEFICENT, among others.

Extra Tidbit: The last I heard of the project was literally a decade ago, when Sony had THE BIG HIT director Kirk Wong attached.
Source: Latino Review



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