Tim Burton reunites with his Ed Wood screenwriters for The Addams Family and Big Eyes

Deadline is reporting that eccentric filmmaker Tim Burton (ALICE IN WONDERLAND, SWEENEY TODD) is re-teaming with his ED WOOD screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski for a pair of upcoming projects: THE ADDAMS FAMILY and BIG EYES.

We first heard about Burton's involvement with THE ADDAMS FAMILY back in March. There it was revealed that the film would be a stop-motion animated adaptation of the Charles Addams drawings first featured in The New Yorker in the late 1930s. Alexander and Karaszewski had this to say to Deadline: "We want the tone to be as darkly funny and subversive as the Addams drawings, and we've come up with an approach that nobody has ever done before."

Meanwhile, Burton will produce BIG EYES, a fact-based drama Alexander and Karaszewski wrote as a directorial vehicle for themselves. The story is about artist Margaret Keane and "her struggle to get credit for the line of paintings of big-eyed children that became wildly popular in the 60s."

Burton's next film will be FRANKENWEENIE, a feature-length version of his own short film made back in 1984.
Extra Tidbit: Johnny Depp is godfather to Burton's son Billy Ray.
Source: Deadline



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