Transsbierian trailer

I wasn't all that crazy about the conclusion to THE MACHINST, but I still think it is a deeply admirable achievement. Christian Bale's frightening weight-loss aside, the direction of the film is good enough to make me want to see whatever Brad Anderson throws out next. And lo and behold, a trailer for his next flick just happens to have appeared online! Click HERE to check it out. The film is called TRANSSIBERIAN and stars Woody Harrelson, Ben Kingsley and the beautiful Emily Mortimer. The story follows a couple as they want to take a romantic trip together to mend their crumbling marriage. So they decide to take the transsiberian train that will take them threw China all the way to Moscow. Soon they discover the train isn't as glamorous as it once was and find themselves stuck in a world full of murder and drug smuggling. Sounds good to me, Anderson is awesome at psychological horror and Ben Kingsley is a stone cold killer. Plus, it's nice to see Harrelson out and about again. Not that he hasn't been doing good projects (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN looks spectacular), I just like to see him.
Extra Tidbit: Who else wants to see WHITE MEN CAN'T JUMP 2: HE CAN NOW HEAR JIMI?



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