UK Hot Fuzz fest!

If you're located in London (or just visiting), you have a chance for a unique opportunity: to see one of 2007's best flicks with live commentary from the filmmakers! HOT FUZZ director Edgar Wright breaks it down for ya:

Hey muddy funsters. Join me at the Prince Charles Cinema on June the 10th for a marathon of hot cop action. Not only will we screen three of our favourite actions films, but you will get to see a totally unique live commentary from myself, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, as well as other special guests from our Bad Bobby opus HOT FUZZ.

And who can argue with the triple whammy of John Woo's classic HARD BOILED, the bruising, hilarious LAST BOY SCOUT and the palpable homo erotic tension of POINT BREAK.

I will be your host for the day, will join you in watching the marathon of bad-assery and will be flinging a few goodies and surprises your way.

Come join. First come, first served. And totally free.

Get there early. The hardcore will be duly rewarded.


Extra Tidbit: I'm seriously considering hopping on a plane for this.
Source: JoBlo



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