Up next for Pixar

Pixar definitely has their graphic making machinery working overtime, ensuring a year doesn't go by without some of their unique brand of CG humor. RATATOUILLE arrives in theaters soon, next summer brings the robot adventure WALL-E, and 2010 brings back Buzz and Woody for a third TOY STORY. But wait... what about 2009?

Ah ha! Looks like the digital flick we'll see that year is called UP. Sadly not a computer-generated remake of Russ Meyer's boob-filled classic of the same name, the movie comes from MONSTERS INC director Pete Docter and animation veteran Bob Peterson, and will follow a 70-year-old guy "who teams with a wilderness ranger to fight beasts and villains."

Meanwhile, it sounds like Woody better saddle up and get moving -- according to Filmforce, the writers just started working on the TOY STORY 3 script. No details on what the story might be, but the premise that was being crafted before Pixar returned to Disney involved Buzz being recalled to a Taiwan toy factory and the gang going to rescue him. That's been discarded onto the island of unwanted toys.
Extra Tidbit: The lamp in Pixar's logo is named Luxo Jr.
Source: Variety



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