Upcoming from Aardman

If you don't hold an appreciation for WALLACE & GROMIT, I probably don't like you. It's just how it has to be. And as a massive fan of the cheese-loving contraption-masters, I'm intrigued by whatever else is being molded from clay into life at Aardman Features.

Aardman has a new home at Sony, and they've already hooked me with something they're describing as "family-friendly Tarantino". The project is called THE CAT BURGLARS, a claymation comedy about felines on a milk heist from the writers of the rather brilliant Brit cop show LIFE ON MARS. In addition, Aardman has a comedy adventure, a Christmas movie, and a new project from W&G creator Nick Park in the works.

Aardman recently departed Dreamworks after the underperformance of CURSE OF THE WERE-RABBIT and FLUSHED AWAY (which I found more entertaining than CARS or any of last year's other CGI offerings).
Extra Tidbit: A warehouse fire in 2005 claimed most of Aardman's props and sets. The gigantic puddle of multi-colored sludge then gained sentience and attacked London in search of the arsonist. I think.
Source: Variety



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