Vivid Entertainment gets set to pitch geek tents with superhero pornos!

Earlier this month, we brought you guys a look at the trailer for BATMAN XXX: A PORN PARODY, something that - I assure you - I will be buying in a hot minute.

Well it seems that the porn maestros at Vivid are so happy with the outcome of the kitschy superhero romp that they're now creating a separate wing to exclusively handle superhero parodies: Vivid-Superhero. Yes, like myself, I'm sure you too can imagine the possibilities here.

Here's Vivid's press release (at the end there they mention a lot more than just superhero parodies, but, you know, who cares?): Vivid Entertainment, the world's leading adult film company, has announced the formation of Vivid-Superhero, a new imprint that will have Axel Braun as its lead director.

"The parodies under this new imprint will pay tribute to the world's most popular comic heroes," said Steven Hirsch, Founder/Co-chairman of Vivid. "Axel already started pre-production on a parody of Superman, which will be followed by those of The Green Hornet, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Thor, and The Incredible Hulk. We made the decision to create the imprint after working with Axel on "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody", an Axel Braun Productions movie to be distributed by Vivid. Axel truly did an amazing job with it, and we agreed that together we could mine the really rich treasure of superheroes and have a lot of fun doing it."

"I honestly couldn't be more excited," said Braun. "Working with Vivid is an incredible experience, and with this new imprint I'll have all the creative latitude to deliver quality productions that will appeal to the huge fan base that exists for these iconic figures."

Axel recently wrapped "Batman XXX: A Porn Parody", a take-off on the campy 60's TV show, scheduled for release on May 24, 2010, and he's already in pre-production on his next three parodies to be distributed by Vivid: Grease XXX, The Godfather XXX, and The Addams Family XXX.

The Addams Family? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Will somebody be boning Cousin It? Will Thing be running around exclusively doing The Shocker? These are very important questions, folks. Someone, please get to the bottom of this.

And finally, here's pornstar Tori Black as Wonder Woman for your... pleasure:

Extra Tidbit: In the "making boners" department, I think Tori Black's got Joker beat. Unless, of course, you're, like, aroused by clowns or something. Hey, Steve? Are you reading? It's cool, man! I'm totally not judging you.



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