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War Birds footage


WAR BIRDS, the unironic tale of a secret underground aerial combat society, is officially my new favorite upcoming project, due to the sheer ridiculousness of its concept. I reported on its inception yesterday, but now I actually have test footage of the film to show you.

It seems the premise of the movies is “War reenacters go way, way too far,” as a group of people apparently decided war these days was too boring, with all the IEDs and JDAM missile strikes, and they wanted to get back to the good ‘ol days of trench warfare and dogfights.

Once again, zero idea how they’re going to explain to local farmers why they’re restaging World War II in their corn fields, but BOMBS BULLETS PLANES EXPLOSIONS! Who cares?

Watch this ridiculousness below:

Extra Tidbit: Look out for the sequel SUB WARS, the underground, underwater combat club! Hey, at least it'd be easier to keep secret.
Source: JoBlo



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