Weekend Box-Office: October 15-17, 2010


Jackasses break records...!

The first JACKASS film was released in 2002, opened with $23M and ended up making $64M. JACKASS 2 was released in 2006, opened with $29M and ended up making $73M. Four year later, Paramount decides to jack things up by releasing the franchise's 3rd installment in 3D and they smash the October record for biggest opening ever, by opening with $50M in the first three days of release alone. At this pace, JACKASS 5 will open with $100M in a few years.

The new October mark (thankfully) erases the previous record-holder of $48M, held by SCARY MOVIE 3 from back in 2003. JACKASS 3D also had the 2nd best R-rating opening for a post Labor Day release after 8 MILE, which scored $51M in its debut back in 2002. The latest "geezers in action" movie entitled RED also opened with decent numbers as it opened in 2nd place with close to $23M. For those scoring at home, JACKASS 3D apparently only cost the studio about $20M to make, so they're already buying the boys some brand new cars as "bonuses" for their success. RED apparently cost about $58M to put together.

Despite JACKASS's great success, the overall 2010 domestic box-office revenue sits at $8.5 billion, which is about 3% better than 2009's record pace, but when you tack on the higher ticket prices, attendance is actually down 2.3% from 2009.

The movie that was in the #1 spot for the past two consecutive weeks, THE SOCIAL NETWORK, dropped to 3rd place although it only lost 28% of its audience from last weekend, which was the 2nd lowest drop in that time period, right after SECRETARIAT, which lost only 25% of its audience from last weekend, moving from 3rd to 4th place on this week's top 10 list. Not a surprise that the critically maligned MY SOUL TO TAKE had the biggest drop with a 54% decrease from its opening last weekend.

THE TOWN is still going pretty strong after 5 weeks of release, and has now surpassed the $80M mark. EASY A has also become a success both critically and financially, as it crossed the $50M mark this weekend, while only costing about $8M to produce. The two films to drop out of the top 10 this week included CASE 39 ($12M) and YOU AGAIN ($23M). Renee Zellweger, what happened?!?!

Next week sees the release of only 2 major movies including PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, a sequel to the surprising hit from last year, as well as the widening release of the Clint Eastwood-directed Matt Damon-starring HEREAFTER. Oddly enough, PA2 has been extremely "under the radar" so far (even its IMDB listing only has one name under 'cast'), with its press screening set for Thursday night at 10pm (that's usually a "bad sign"), so we'll see how it does this time around. Are you excited to see the PARANORMAL sequel? VOTE NOW!!!

1. Jackass 3D $ 50 Million
2. Red $ 22.5 Million
3. The Social Network $ 11 Million $ 63.1 Million
4. Secretariat $ 9.5 Million $ 27.5 Million
5. Life as We Know It $ 9.2 Million $ 28.9 Million
6. Legend of the... $ 4.2 Million $ 46 Million
7. The Town $ 4 Million $ 80.6 Million
8. My Soul to Take $ 3.2 Million $ 11.9 Million
9. Easy A $ 2.7 Million $ 52.3 Million
10. Wall Street: Money... $ 2.4 Million $ 47.9 Million




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