Wiseman's Apocalypse

Len and the Sexiest Chick Alive

Do moviegoers have it in themselves to watch the Earth go through one more apocalypse on screen? Fox thinks so, and they want Kate Beckinsale's husband to do the planet trashing.

The studio is developing a yet-untitled film based on what The Hollywood Reporter calls "an original idea" that would follow a group of people trying to figure out the mysterious reasons that made them survive the apocalypse. Actually, THR says it's untitled but also calls the project "Nocturne"; until powers that be indicate what the effing title is, let's keep it at untitled - sounds less vampirish and more interesting.

Director and luckiest guy in the world Len Wiseman is in talks to step behind cameras, even though he's got a bunch of projects on his plate, including GEARS OF WAR and ATLANTIS RISING. Since none of them is at the greenlight stage yet, this one might move on top of his list.

Extra Tidbit: I've watched Wiseman's LIVE FREE OF DIE HARD twice now, and I've decided what's wrong with it: Tim Olyphant. Not a bad actor, but his villain isn't worth John McClane's time. Maybe it's the lack of German accent...



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