Zombie Strippers poster

If I didn’t know so much about movies, I’d say the following poster was for one of the fake movies created for GRINDHOUSE last year. But I do know a lot so I couldn’t be fooled. ZOMBIE STRIPPERS is indeed a legitimate film—although I use the words ‘legitimate’ and ‘film’ together loosely. Interestingly enough, it’s based on the classic absurdist play RHINOCEROS, written by Eugene Ionesco. Reading the plot you’ll surely be reminded of FROM DUSK ‘TILL DAWN: A virus spreads in a strip club turning the strippers to zombies. Where did said virus originate? Chalk it up to your typically sinister government organization. Judging from the poster, it looks like they caught Jenna on camera before she turned into a living corpse (how fitting) and it also looks like that cro-magnum boyfriend of hers also has a role in this. Could this be any good? Nah!

Extra Tidbit: I think of zombie strippers and I think of the dead look they have in their eyes when they're giving me a lap dance and my grubby hands are on their fake chests.
Source: impawards.com



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