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Review: Free Fire

FREE FIRE was previously reviewed as part of our TIFF 2016 coverage. PLOT: A mob/IRA arms deal in a remote warehouse goes horribly awry when a beef between two thug foot soldiers erupts into an epic, no-holds-barred gunfight. REVIEW: For anyone who might have thought director Ben Wheatley ’s (underrated) HIGH RISE was a little too high-brow, his follow-up, FREE...
3 days ago
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We talk Free Fire with Ben Wheatley, Sharlto Copley, Brie Larson and More!

Over the past few years, Ben Wheatley has quickly become one of the most exciting modern day filmmakers. From KILL LIST to HIGH RISE, the director manages to create something unique every time. With FREE FIRE, Wheatley takes a familiar idea and ramps it up to 100. If you are looking for a brutal blast of intensity and thrills, this is what you’ve been waiting for....
4 days ago
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Armie Hammer says a Man from U.N.C.L.E. sequel is being written

2015 was a big year for movies, with the likes of JURASSIC WORLD breaking records and THE FORCE AWAKENS breaking those broken records. Wedged in the middle there was the period spy caper THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E. with Henry Cavill and Armie Hammer . You may have forgotten about the film, but it still has its fans, so many in fact that Hammer keeps getting asked about a sequel, to the...
7 days ago
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Exclusive: Armie Hammer is a dire, stranded soldier in this clip from Mine

Getting stranded in any situation is no joke. There are an infinite amount of factors one needs to consider when surviving a situation where you don't have access to water, adequate amounts of sustenance and of course, human contact. Meet Mike ( Armie Hammer ), a soldier in the U.S. military who is about to discover just how far he's willing to go before succumbing to...
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Armie Hammer joins Alicia Vikander in Ben Wheatley's Freakshift

For an overly handsome guy born to a wealthy family with a lot of Hollywood connections, I'm oddly kind of rooting for Armie Hammer . I don't know why, but it seems like he's always trying, and I think he's actually a fun presence in a lot of his roles. Yes, even LONE RANGER. I've been told he's great in Ben Wheatley 's latest film FREE FIRE, which probably explains why he's been...
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Take part in a '70's shoot 'em up with the new trailer for Free Fire

Set in Boston in 1978, FREE FIRE follows a meeting in a deserted warehouse between two gangs turns into a shootout and a game of survival. As you can see from the latest trailer below, it's all guns, no control and some sweet '70s hairstyles sported by the likes of Sharlto Copley , Armie Hammer , Brie Larson , Cillian Murphy and Jack Reynor ! The wait for Ben...
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Review: Call Me by Your Name (Sundance) starring Armie Hammer

PLOT: A young man (Timothée Chalamet) spending the summer with his parents in Italy circa 1983, find his sexuality awakened when a visiting academic ( Armie Hammer ) moves in to help his father ( Michael Stuhlbarg ) with an archaeological project. REVIEW: Up to now, I’ve been fairly critical of director Luca Guadagnino , whose films have always stuck me as...
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Rumor: A shortlist shines a light on casting choices for Green Lantern Corps

Lately, it would seem as it Parallax himself wouldn’t be able to stop the GREEN LANTERN CORPS rumors and news from willing itself onto my list of articles to write. In fact, just this past week we’ve inquired about who you would cast in the roles of Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart , in addition to compiling a list of 8 things we want to see in the upcoming...
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Interview: We talk Nocturnal Animals with Jake Gyllenhaal, Shannon & More!

The latest from Tom Ford is a hauntingly captivating thriller. From the opening credits to the final frame, NOCTURNAL ANIMALS is just plain stunning. Not only has the director brought in an incredible cast, he has crafted an intense drama, one that features one of the most terrifying scenes we've seen all year - and that is saying something. Jake Gyllenhaal is fantastic. Amy...
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The JoBlo Movie Show Podcast: Silence, Nocturnal Animals, Fox Marvel slate

Select your listening preference below: *The following podcast is Rated F for Foul Language* Welcome to the JoBlo Movie Show Podcast! Join hosts Paul Shirey (Editor-in-Chief,, Chris Bumbray ( film critic), and Sean Wist ( news/video editor) as they discuss all the latest and greatest (and not so greatest) things about film and...
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Emotions run high with Jake Gyllenhaal in the new Nocturnal Animals trailer

NOCTURNAL ANIMALS follows an art gallery owner ( Amy Adams ) who is haunted by her ex-husband's ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) novel, a violent thriller she interprets as a veiled threat and a symbolic revenge tale. As you can imagine, the tension is palpable with this ex-husband after a failed marriage destroys him emotionally, and you can get a glimpse of the drama to follow with the new...
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Review: Birth of a Nation

This review was originally posted at the Sundance Film Festival in January - long before the Nate Parker controversy. As such, it's not addressed in the review. PLOT: The true story of slave Nat Turner ( Nate Parker ) who led a slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831. REVIEW: It’s hard not to get a particular charge out of THE BIRTH OF A NATION. While 12 YEARS A...
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