Armie Hammer is selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands as news emerges Robert Downey Jr. paid for his rehab stay

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Last week, we reported that, despite spreading news, Armie Hammer was not selling timeshares in the Cayman Islands. His lawyer came out and denied the claims and said Hammer frequently vacations there, which is why he may have been spotted at the resort. According to Variety, this is false because they claim he works at the resort. The reason? Well, as they put it, he’s “broke.”

A source speaking with Variety said, “He is working at the resort and selling timeshares. He is working at a cubicle. The reality is he’s totally broke and is trying to fill days and earn money to support his family.” The source says that, before working at the hotel, the actor was managing an apartment complex in the Cayman Islands, a location he’s living near his two kids and ex-wife, Elizabeth Chambers.

Despite the initial denials that he was not working at the hotel, TMZ reported a story that pretty much verified that he was. Pictures of the actor were snapped while he was seen sitting with a couple and reviewing pricing for a unit at the resort. A prospective buyer in the office said that Hammer outlined a plan that would cost $2,020 per week or, as the actor himself put it, $21,000 for ten years of vacations.

Another interesting news item to emerge about Armie Hammer comes to us via Vanity Fair. A source close to Hammer told the outlet that actor Robert Downey Jr., who is no stranger to past struggles with addictions, stepped in and helped Hammer towards going to rehab for his addictions. Downey Jr. once had issues with drugs, while Hammer’s issues seem linked to sex addiction which led to alleged emotional abuse, manipulation, and violence that has seemingly canceled him in the eyes of Hollywood. The source says that Robert Downey Jr. paid for the actor to spend nearly six months in the Florida rehabilitation facility, the Guest House.

The Guest House is a secluded estate that deals with clients with high-stress or high-visibility lifestyles. It’s a space that’s perfect for those going there that are seeking to get treatment in a more private manner. Vanity Fair also stated that Hammer is seeking help for unresolved family issues and substance abuse.

According to the source, Robert Downey Jr. has also provided Hammer with financial assistance until he gets back on his feet. Despite the actor coming from money via his oil-tycoon grandfather Armand, who died in 1990, it looks like Armand’s death has incited a battle over the estate that continues to boil over three decades later. Other reports indicate that Armie Hammer has been cut off from the family fortune, so, despite what most of us thought, he’s not rolling around in big bucks.

It’s interesting that Robert Downey Jr. is the one to offer up his help because had no one been there for him, he wouldn’t be one of the highest-paid actors working today. The actor’s drug problems and downfall is no Hollywood secret, and he could’ve easily been a casualty of the industry, but Mel Gibson stepped in to help him when he needed it. Without that help, Robert Downey Jr. would not have made the mega-fortune he earned from working on his various Marvel films and other acting and producing ventures. Armie Hammer is now in the position to need the help, and if he can have a genuine rehabilitation, I think he’s worthy of his own Hollywood redemption story.

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Source: Variety, Vanity Fair

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