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Trailer unleashed for Last Rampage starring Robert Patrick

So Robert Patrick played one of the premiere villains of all pop-culture with the iconic T-1000. His career hasn't reach those heights since, but he's had small roles as disapproving fathers since (if you don't count his Vanilla Ice impression in DOUBLE DRAGON). But Patrick is going full villain again in the latest film LAST RAMPAGE, " the true story of the...
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Mortal Kombat reboot was going to be a "hard-R Avengers"

Growing up, I was always a MORTAL KOMBAT kid. I loved the games, the movies (yes, even ANNIHILATION to a certain extent), and the Saturday morning cartoon ( which, yes, did exist ). I pretty much love everything MORTAL KOMBAT...well, save that one TV show . And SUB-ZERO: MYTHOLOGIES. Now I've been waiting for a film reboot for awhile now (as most people who felt burned by the...
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Bloody trailer unleashed for Bates Motel series finale

While I haven't seen the A&E show BATES MOTEL - with Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga as Norman Bates and his mother, respectively - I am a huge fan of the original PSYCHO. And with only one more episode left in the series, it'll be interesting to see how close it keeps in line with that original film. Obviously being contemporary changes things, as does the new...
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Two new American Gods promos showcasing a dead girl and a leprechaun pop up

I've made it no secret that I've been really looking forward to the STARZ adaptation of Neil Gaiman 's seminal novel AMERICAN GODS. It is being showrun by Bryan Fuller (HANNIBAL, PUSHING DAISIES), and has an impressive cast, which includes Ian McShane , Peter Stormare , and Gillian Anderson (among others). Also all the trailers and promos make it look awesome. That awesome...
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New trailer released for trippy, f*cked up horror film Antibirth

Words cannot precisely convey this weird fucking trailer for ANTIBIRTH, so I'll let the trailer speak for itself: Fucking trippy, right? I don't even really know what the film is about, but I'm now really interested! I think more films need a unique look and perspective (especially with a lot of corporate mandated blockbusters or cheaply-made mumblecore indie...
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The Belko Experiment releases even more awesome & bloody claymation trailers

THE BELKO EXPERIMENT is a kind of weird, unique mash-up of BATTLE ROYALE and OFFICE SPACE, with tongue seemingly firm in cheek. So it makes sense that its marketing would also be a weird, tongue-in-cheek, mash-up. Admittedly, the studio had already released a funny - if disturbing - claymation trailer already , but here are a few more to satiate the bloodlust of us who haven't had...
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Brutal trailer unleashed for Friday the 13th: The Game

So it looks like while the FRIDAY THE 13TH film franchise is currently dead in the water, the series is going to continue in videogame form with FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME. Now, this won't be the first FRIDAY THE 13TH videogame , but it's the first one where you get to play as Jason himself. Anyway, here's a trailer that premiered at PAX East: Well, that...
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New bloody Red Band clip from James Gunn's The Belko Experiment

It's no secret I can't wait for THE BELKO EXPERIMENT. I love contained thrillers (like CUBE, EXAM, COHERENCE), so that - alongside the dark humor, blood gore, and the fact it's written by James Gunn - makes this movie  right up my alley. And to satiate all the cruel sickos like me, the studio has released a new, bloody Red Band clip from the film. Let's take...
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Claymation trailer for the Belko Experiment doesn't skimp on the red clay

I've reported a lot on THE BELKO EXPERIMENT, the film about office drones stuck in their building and told they have to kill their co-workers or more people will die. For one, I love the concept - it's just so primal, and it immediately brings to mind thoughts of " what would I do in that situation "? (In my case, probably try to hide and get killed...
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Update: Logan will get a stinger scene, because those are mandatory now

UPDATE:  Well, that didn't take long. Apparently, according to the director himself, there is no LOGAN end credits stinger! Which sucks, because it makes claw/stinger jokes usless  (or more useless than they already were), but otherwise sounds much better. HOWEVER, according to Collider (again), it seems there may still be something added to the runtime,...
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The Belko Experiment releases new clip on the merits of killing co-workers

I can't wait for THE BELKO EXPERIMENT. Written by GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY's James Gunn , and directed by Greg McLean (WOLF CREEK), the film is about what would happen if office drones were locked in their building and were told they had to kill their fellow employees or even more people would die. I love contained thrillers, and this one looks like it has a dark comedic...
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Netflix to make a "super violent" Castlevania animated series

So apparently Netflix is going to be making a "super violent" CASTLEVANIA animated series, based on the Konami videogames of the same name. However, the show will reportedly be based primarily on the third entry CASTLEVANIA III: DRACULA'S CURSE, which is about " the last surviving member of the disgraced Belmont clan, trying to save Eastern Europe from...
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