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SPOILERS: Spider-Man: Homecoming's new costume to harken back to first issue

Again, MINOR SPOILERS from here on out. So if you want to go into the movie completely cold and not read ahead, that's fine. The fact that you got this far means we got your click. Either way, you've been warned! Now, for any real Spider-Man fans, the fact that the new costume will supposedly " harken back to first issue " should already be ringing some...
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Exclusive: New York City Comic Con 2015 Cosplay Video!

In addition to our coverage of several of the featured panels and round-up of art , collectibles , and cosplay of New York City Comic Con 2015, we've also pieced together a video featuring some of the greatest cosplay we'd encountered throughout the weekend. There's never a shortage of clever, sexy, and down-right incredible outfits hailing from the show floor as well as...
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Set Visit: 47 Ronin - Part 2 - The Creators

Click here for Part One of our set visit, which gives you an introduction to the world of this epic samurai fantasy film.  Carl Rinsch, Director  You may not be familiar with the name "Carl Rinsch," but chances are you've seen one of the many effects-driven commercials he's directed.  He's also a protégé (and son-in-law) of Sir Ridley Scott. 47 RONIN may be his...
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Updated! Deadline Extension! Get ready for's Annual Halloween Contest!

UPDATE: Deadline Extension!! Due to the great submissions we've gotten so far, we're extending our deadline for costume entries to 9 PM EST Sunday, November 3rd . So, for those of you still waiting to attend parties, there's still time to submit your entry to the contest. We will announce the winner and post all the great entries on Monday, November 4th !...
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Updated: Take a look at this classic unused Wolverine costume!

UPDATE: Image removed at request of original source I remember sitting in French class looking at an old Wizard Magazine reading a feature which was basically their casting choices for an X-MEN movie. This is long before one was ever actually thought of. I wondered if they would use the costumes I was accustomed to seeing in the comics. At that time the team looked like this:...
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Share your awesome movie-related Halloween costume with us for the chance at a prize and to be featured on the site!

Can you believe that October is already almost gone? That the book (of the dead) is already nearly closed on one "holiday season," and that by Thursday we'll be well into the next? But don't fret just yet - we here at JoBlo have one more way for you to celebrate the Halloween season and go out in style.  As per our tweet yesterday: “Got an awesome movie-related Halloween...
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