Share your awesome movie-related Halloween costume with us for the chance at a prize and to be featured on the site!

Halloween title

Can you believe that October is already almost gone? That the book (of the dead) is already nearly closed on one “holiday season,” and that by Thursday we’ll be well into the next?

But don’t fret just yet – we here at JoBlo have one more way for you to celebrate the Halloween season and go out in style.  As per our tweet yesterday: “Got an awesome movie-related Halloween costume this year? Post a picture on our Wall or tweet it to us (@joblocom)! We’ll feature our favorites on this Friday. There may even be some prizes for the best of the best… Please submit your photos by 9 p.m. EST Thursday to be considered.”

You can also go ahead and email us your picture using the address [email protected], but please do try and keep the images to 2MB or less.  We’ll look through all of the entries over the course of the week, post our favorites on Friday, and possibly even distribute a few very special prizes for those costumes we deem especially impressive.  So if you spent hours and hours slaving over your slave Leia outfit, or your “Darth Knight” costume, or your Frank-n-furter fishnets, then here’s your final opportunity to show off all the hard work and movie love you hold in your heart.

So good luck, make sure to check back Friday for a sampling of the costumed entries we received, and thanks for sharing!

Here are some examples to get your creative juices flowing (if they haven’t begun to already):

Halloween costumes 1

Halloween costumes 2

American Psycho + Halloween costumes

And seeing as how I don’t want to be left out despite how there don’t seem to be any good pictures of me in costume from the last few times in which I’ve dressed up, here is instead a picture of my own Joker-inspired outfit from when I was seventeen – THE DARK KNIGHT hadn’t hit just yet, so I was going more off of the comic books.  Which you shouldn’t do! Keep it to the movies if you can!

Me as The Joker


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