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Sam Jackson begins recording his dialogue for The Incredibles 2

While there's still a healthy, 18-month wait until THE INCREDIBLES 2 hits theaters, the boys and girls at Pixar are hard at work in bringing the sequel to life. An integral part of the animated filmmaking process is taking shape now, as Sam Jackson has just notified us via Instagram that he's recording his lines for the film! It's about to go down... First recording session...
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Brad Bird gives an update on the "very actively moving" Incredibles 2

It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since THE INCREDIBLES graced the silver screen, giving audiences what's widely regarded one of the best superhero stories. It may have taken a few years more than we'd like, but writer/director Brad Bird is finally working with Pixar on a sequel. He took a moment to give a small update to Entertainment Weekly regarding the status of THE...
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Disney dates The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 and shuffles Toy Story 4 around

Time to get the calendar out and start marking some dates down for future reference as Disney today planted their flag in a number of dates over the next few years (in addition to what they added to the Marvel Cinematic Universe ) that other movies might want to avoid, unless they want to get crushed by the family entertainment steamroller. Let's start with THE INCREDIBLES 2,...
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Unused ideas from The Incredibles will finally find a home in its sequel

Pixar's filmography contains many exemplary works, of which Brad Bird 's THE INCREDIBLES surely stands among the company's very best. It's been more than ten years since THE INCREDIBLES introduced us to the super-powered Parr family but a sequel is finally in the works. Coming Soon spoke with director Brad Bird , who began writing the sequel this spring, about what...
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Brad Bird gives another update on The Incredibles 2 script

Brad Bird has been working on THE INCREDIBLES 2 script over the summer , and he provided another update on it while speaking with Collider . Bird says he's about three-fourths of the way through the first pass of the script, and that they've already begun storyboarding parts of the sequel. The TOMORROWLAND director also says "I’ve got a lot of people that...
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Director Brad Bird says The Incredibles 2 will be his next movie

Brad Bird is currently working on the script for THE INCREDIBLES 2, but what many fans of the first movie want to know is will he also be back to helm the sequel. During an interview with Collider , the director was asked if THE INCREDIBLES 2 will be his next project, and Bird seemed to confirm he will be directing the animated movie, saying, “Yeah it feels like it to me,...
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Brad Bird has begun writing The Incredibles 2

Brad Bird 's second live-action film, TOMORROWLAND , hits theaters in just under 2 months' time and despite having directed one of the best installments in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE series with MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL, everyone's been wanting to know if he'll revisit his other spy universe, THE INCREDIBLES. Disney has already announced that they'll be...
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Cool Videos: What if Christopher Nolan directed The Incredibles

Just last week we got a look at the trailer for UP if it had been directed by Michael Bay . Using the all of the tricks, lens flares, and explosions the filmmaker is known for, the clip was a good one. Now, we have another mash-up, this time combining two of the best superhero films of all time: THE DARK KNIGHT and THE INCREDIBLES. Imagining the Pixar classic as if it were helmed by...
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The Devil's Advocate is being adapted as a television series at NBC

I don't know about you, but I loved THE DEVIL'S ADVOCATE. Despite Keanu Reeves awful accent, Taylor Hackford 's horror/legal thriller gave us one of the last great performances from Al Pacino who chews each scene as the perfect big screen Satan. Plus, we got a sexy Charlize Theron and a buck naked Connie Nielsen in one of the most awkward sex scenes in movie history. Well, it...
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Samuel L. Jackson says Frozone will return in The Incredibles 2

With the announcement that Disney and Pixar are currently developing a sequel to THE INCREDIBLES, fans immediately began to wonder if Brad Bird was going to be back as writer and/or director. Bird is currently finishing TOMORROWLAND for Disney and has been very closely tied to his original superhero film. While we still don't know if he will be back in a primary role, one of his...
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The Incredibles 2, Cars 3 in development but Pirates 5 may not happen

How do you like your good movie news? With a side of more good news? I can accomodate that. Fans of Brad Bird 's animated career should rejoice from yesterday's news that both RATATOUILLE and THE INCREDIBLES are getting the 3D treatment, it looks like the studio has decided to move forward with THE INCREDIBLES 2. Bird is currently filming Disney's mysterious TOMORROWLAND and has said...
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Pixar to re-release The Incredibles and Ratatouille in 3D

Pixar’s director of 3D production, Josh Hollander, announced via the 3D Creative Summit in London that the Disney-owned studio is working on a 3D re-release of both THE INCREDIBLES and RATATOUILLE, although no specific date was given. He stated that these films would follow 3D re-releases of TOY STORY, TOY STORY 2, FINDING NEMO, and MONSTERS, INC. For both films, Hollander...
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