Disney+ casts four more in their Turner & Hooch reboot

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Disney has thrown their upcoming TURNER & HOOCH series a bone this Tuesday by announcing four additions to the buddy-cop comedy reboot. Joining the cast as series regulars are Anthony Ruivivar (The Haunting of Hill House), Brandon Jay McLaren (The Twilight Zone), and Jeremy Maguire (Modern Family), with Becca Tobin (Glee) also coming aboard for a recurring role.

Disney has ordered 12 episodes of Turner & Hooch, which also stars previously announced cast members Josh Peck, Lyndsy Fonseca, Carra Patterson, and Vanessa Lengies. Just like the 1989 Tom Hanks comedy upon which the reboot is based, Turner & Hooch will focus on Scott Turner (Peck), who is now a U.S. marshal – as opposed to Hanks' character, who was a police detective in the original film. Early into the plot, Peck's marshal is partnered with a big slobbery dog, though before long both realize that they're each other's best friend in the fight against crime.

Per Deadline, the following is a breakdown of who each of the new cast members will play in the series:

Ruivivar will play US Marshall Chief James Clark, Scott Turner’s boss. Chief Clark respects Scott, but is very uncomfortable around Scott’s new dog, the slobbery Hooch, who is actually quite fond of the Chief. However, when Hooch helps solve a case, Chief Clark has a change of heart and bends the rules to allow him to receive K-9 training.

McLaren will portray Xavier Watkins, a marine-turned US Marshal. He’s cool and enigmatic and a bit quirky. As one of the most experienced deputies in the office, he has a lot to teach younger deputies like Scott Turner. Although he’s more of a cat lover, he finds a kindred spirit in Scott’s sidekick, Hooch.

Maguire will play Matthew, Scott Turner’s nephew. He’s a dog lover who is thrilled to drop off the huge, slobbery Hooch with his Uncle Scott after Scott’s late father leaves Hooch to him.

Tobin will recur as Brooke, a federal prosecutor and Scott Turner’s ex-girlfriend. She comes from a wealthy family of powerful lawyers but downplays her wealth and status. She represents everything Scott thinks he wants out of life—she even likes his slobbering K-9 sidekick, even if Hooch occasionally chews on her legal briefs.

Disney's Turner & Hooch series will be written and executive produced by Matt Nix, with Josh Levy acting as an executive producer.

Woof! It's been a dog's age since I thought about TURNER & HOOCH. All I can remember about the original feature is Hooch drenching Hanks' Scott Turner in slobber while the actor screams in disgust. That's literally all I've got. What do you remember about TURNER & HOOCH and are you looking forward to this reboot? How family-friendly do you think Disney will go for this one? What breed of dog do you think will fill the role of Hooch? Give us a holler in the comments section down below and let us know what you think.

Source: Deadline

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