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Review: The English Teacher

PLOT: A lonely, middle-aged high school English teacher ( Julianne Moore ) has her quiet existence shaken up by the return of a former pupil ( Michael Angarano ) turned playwright, whose Magnum opus is about to be performed by the schoolís drama club. She soon comes into conflict with the pupilís conservative doctor father ( Greg Kinnear ), who wants his son to give up his...
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Julianne Moore sexes up a student in this trailer for The English Teacher with Greg Kinnear and Lily Collins

At first glance it seems like THE ENGLISH TEACHER may be another arthouse effort from Julianne Moore , but upon watching the trailer it's a bit more BAD TEACHER than THE HOURS.  Moore plays a nerdy English teacher who is blindsided when she runs into an old student (Michael Angerano) who has written a play that impresses the pants off her character.  Literally.  Moore is...
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