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Review: John Dies at the End

PLOT: Two losers suddenly find themselves in the middle of an unexplainable supernatural conspiracy when they're given a powerful new drug called Soy Sauce, which gives the user the incredible ability to see the past, present and future REVIEW: At first glance, JOHN DIES AT THE END may not seem like the typical Don Coscarelli project, but it turns out that the director best known...
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John Dies at the End threatens movie pirates with a trailer featuring exploding heads and eyeballs

With the reveal that PROJECT X, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - GHOST PROTOCOL, THE AVENGERS, and THE DARK KNIGHT RISES are the most pirated movies of the year, a smaller movie has decided to promote itself by making an anti-piracy trailer. JOHN DIES AT THE END is definitely a movie that will get a big following from online film fans. The tale of alternate universes, meat monsters, and a...
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The John Dies at the End red band trailer features blood, boobs, and monsters

When the green band JOHN DIES AT THE END trailer came online in October , it looked good. Weird, funny, and everything we would want from a Don Coscarelli horror movie. Now, this new red band trailer gives us pretty much the same footage, but enhanced with a lot more violence and nudity. For those of you who have not read JOHN DIES AT THE END, I suggest you do. It is a fun and...
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This new trailer for Don Coscarelli's John Dies at the End amps up the bizarre comedy and horror

I have been waiting to see more footage from Don Coscarelli's adaptation of the novel JOHN DIES AT THE END and this new trailer delivers everything I was waiting for. You have a better look at Morgan Freeman (the name the characters give the black cop), the meat man, and the other wacky things that inhabit this gonzo world. Based on the novel by David Wong, JOHN DIES AT THE END is a...
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