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Review: Mother's Day

PLOT : The adventures of a bunch of well off women and men, all of whom are dealing with family during the week leading up to Mother’s Day. REVIEW : Watching the new Garry Marshall film is akin to going to watch an actor friend in a scene study showcase. You have a bunch of thespians on-stage doing random scenes that sometimes go together, and oftentimes don’t. At...
2 days ago
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Christoph Waltz & Hong Chau join Alexander Payne's Downsizing

The word from Variety is that Christoph Waltz and Hong Chau (INHERENT VICE, HBO's Treme) have landed roles in Alexander Payne 's DOWNSIZING, joining the previously cast Matt Damon , Reese Witherspoon , Alec Baldwin , Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Sudeikis . Talk about a loaded cast! Payne's new movie is pretty out there compared to his previous...
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New Angry Birds trailer shows a bit of rage starting to take flight

I know, I know... some of you aren't interested in hearing about THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE, because you've already written off the idea of a movie based on the Angry Birds game on general principle. However, after taking a look at the latest trailer that's come in from Sony Pictures, I think you'd be wrong to cast this one aside thinking there isn't something here that won't entertain the...
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Review: Race

PLOT: The true story of Jesse Owens ( Stephan James ) who overcame prejudice to compete – and win – in the infamous 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. REVIEW: There are very few Olympic stories as stirring and heroic as that of Jesse Owens, which is why it’s crazy that  it’s taken eighty years for him to finally get his due on the big screen. While it...
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Race Cast and Director Stephen Hopkins talks Olympics, and Jesse Owens!

RACE is the incredible story of Jesse Owens and his historic triumph at the 1936 Olympics. Not only did the athlete deal with rasicm from his own peers in the States, but he also fought to win against Adolf Hitler and the tyrants control over the Olympic Games. It is a powerful story, one that features a couple of terrific performances, as well as Stephen Hopkins inspired take on the...
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Review: Tumbledown

PLOT: The young widow ( Rebecca Hall ) of a cult musician begins to fall for an academic ( Jason Sudeikis ) that she’s hired to collaborate with her on a biography of her late husband. REVIEW: Once the dominant genre of American cinema (rivaled only by the western), romantic comedies have become something Hollywood’s having more and more trouble pulling off...
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Jared Hess to helm NickToons movie featuring Rugrats, Angry Beavers & more

Deadline is reporting that Jared Hess (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, NACHO LIBRE) has been tapped by Paramount and Nickelodeon to direct NICKTOONS, a crossover movie in the vein of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT that will feature characters from classic 1990s animated series such as Rugrats, The Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, Ren & Stimpy and Aaahh! Real Monsters. Parent at...
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Prepare to get angry with the newest trailer for The Angry Birds Movie

Even though everyone and their incontinent dog has logged at least a few minutes playing Angry Birds, did we really need a feature-film based upon birds whose sole purpose in life is to be a projectile? Apparently the answer is yes, yes we do. While THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE feels like another sad attempt to grasp on to a pop-culture phenomenon before it dissipates entirely, it's a...
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Travel to the 1936 Olympics in the trailer for the Jesse Owens biopic Race

RACE is based on the true story of Jesse Owens, the legendary athletic superstar whose quest to become the greatest track and field athlete in history thrusts him onto the world stage of the 1936 Olympics, where he faces off against Adolf Hitler’s vision of Aryan supremacy. Witness the struggle with the first trailer! I wonder why they didn't put, 'From the...
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Josh Gad to co-write Gorgeous George biopic for WWE Studios

WWE Studios and Robert Halmi Jr.’s Great Point Media are moving forward with a biopic about Golden Age professional wrestler Gorgeous George (real name George Raymond Wagner), and it's been announced that they've tapped Josh Gad and his writing partner Ryan Dixon to pen the script. Gad and Dixon don't have that many writing credits to their name, but they did...
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Jason Sudeikis shows his temper in the trailer for The Angry Birds Movie

If you're ready for the Angry Birds to take flight in cinemas, that's exactly what's going to happen next summer! The movie takes us to an island populated entirely by happy, flightless birds – or almost entirely. In this paradise, Red ( Jason Sudeikis ), a bird with a temper problem, speedy Chuck ( Josh Gad ), and the volatile Bomb ( Danny McBride ) have always been...
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Jason Bateman doesn't think Horrible Bosses needed a sequel

While the first film grossed over $200 million worldwide and received solid reviews, HORRIBLE BOSSES 2 earned just a little over $100 million, and critics weren't thrilled with the follow-up. Jason Bateman talked about the movie's failures during an appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, and says he knows that people weren't exactly demanding for a sequel....
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