Interview: Kate Beckinsale and Ken Jeong Talk Fool’s Paradise

We talk with Kate Beckinsale and Ken Jeong about their latest, Charlie Day’s directorial debut Fool’s Paradise

Charlie Day is a talented guy. The man has brought the humor for years thanks to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And yes, Mr. Day shined in many a feature film including Fist Fight, Hotel Artemis, and the Lego Movie franchise. The actor is back, and this time he’s the writer, director, and producer of his latest, Fool’s Paradise. Taking on the insanity of Hollywood, Fool’s also features a terrific collection of talent that includes Kate Beckinsale, Ken Jeong, Jason Sudeikis, Adrien Brody, Ray Liotta, and even a few of his Sunny cast members. It’s a satire with sweetness, and it’s incredibly charming.

Recently, we spoke with Kate Beckinsale and Ken Jeong about their latest, and I even got a laugh or two out of them. The two opened up about taking on the craziness of a crazy town. They even talked about whether or not anybody would notice a little inspiration with these characters. Yet both of these talented individuals had a ton of praise for their director. Frankly, I have to agree. If you are a fan of either of these terrific people, you should definitely see what they have in store. Fool’s Paradise opens this Friday at a theatre near you. And if you are still missing the legendary Ray Liotta – as I’m sure we all are – you’ll definitely want to check it out.


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