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What About Bob? is getting female-led remake as an NBC comedy

A few days ago we reported that the 1978 Eastwood-ape movie EVERY WHICH WAY BUT LOOSE was getting the remake treatment , much to your guys’ dismay. Comments about childhoods being ruined went flying, and the world seemed lost in a vacuum of confusion and doubt. Well, here’s some more remake news for you! Word round the remade campfire is that the 1991 Bill Murray /...
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Awfully Good: She's The Man + bonus video for Double Dragon!

Before you head back to JUMP STREET, let's go back to school with Channing Tatum in... She's The Man (2006) Director: Andy Finkman Stars: Amanda Bynes, Channing Tatum, David Cross Amanda Bynes pretends to be a guy so she can play soccer. Also, Channing Tatum sticks a tampon up his nose. Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum doing...
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